Fri. Jan 27th, 2023

My favourite home appliance has to be my White Knight Spin Dryer. Now, as far as kitchen appliances go, spin dryers do not usually feature in the ‘Top 10 Hall of Fame’ for kitchen appliances, but in my book when weighing up practicality, value-for-money, efficiency & performance, my White Knight Spin Dryer definitely ticks all of the boxes.

Now for those strangely not familiar with this little beauty, please allow me to enlighten you to the wonders of my White Knight Spin Dryer, aptly, and lovingly called ‘Hercules’ in my household. The White Knight Spin Dryer may look small and unassuming, put I assure you that this little gem is small, but it sure packs a mighty punch when it comes to drying speed and time, compared to most larger commercial domestic condensed or vented dryers.

This wonderful appliance is by design,neat, handy, powerful and saves me oodles of money. The White Knight Spin Dyer uses good old fashioned centrifugal power. It uses a very small amount of electricity to kick start its motor to produce a whopping spin speed of 2800 rpm.

Most commercial washing machine spin drying speeds range from around 1000- 1600rpm, with combined washer dryers and stand alone dryers using huge amounts of electricity to dry the clothes with heat, making the overall cost of purchasing,running & maintaining them extremely expensive. electronic stores yelahanka

What I love about my White Knight Spin Dryer,is that it only cost me £119, and was small enough to fit inside the boot of my car! It is neat and compact, and does not take up too much space inside of my kitchen. It has, as I have already mentioned, a powerful spin speed of 2800 rpm. With spin speeds of these types of machines ranging from between 2800 – 3300 rpm you can imagine how delighted I am to have such a machine.

Bearing in mind that I live in the UK, this part of the world is not known for its tropical weather. It is often cold, cloudy and rainy, making the majority of the year impracticable for the use of an outside washing line, hence the ‘White Knight’ coming to the rescue!

The White Knight Spin Dryer dries my laundry to near bone dry in a very short space of time without the need for heat, so reducing my electricity consumption and saving me lots of money all year round. Drying time on my clothes dryer and radiator within my home is also greatly reduced, and limits the condensation or moisture build up inside the home, something I experienced when trying to dry my laundry before I purchased my White Knight Spin Dryer.

I have found that because my White Knight Spin Dryer does not use heat to dry, my laundry does not shrink, or become damaged in the drying process as most heated dryers do over time.

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